It’s Not Just Journalists: Global CEOs See Major Changes Ahead To Serve the “Information Omnivores”

Journalists clearly aren’t the only ones dealing with major upheaval. According to this piece in, an interesting new study found that 83 percent of global CEOs see major changes ahead as they aim to retool their business models to better serve the “information omnivore,” a new breed of consumer that demands a wide variety of information and has exchanged a more passive response to that information for a more active one in which they are creating content and demanding more responsiveness from the companies they deal with (thanks to Change Management News for alerting me to this article). The best part is that these CEOs don’t see the information omnivores as a threat, but as an opportunity for differentiation. Check out this quote:

“The enterprise of the future accepts change as a permanent state in an organization. Those CEOs who demonstrate the capacity to manage major change know they can beat the competition by reaching new classes of customers, and making bold moves to shift business design around principles of global integration,” said Ginni Rometty, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services. “And it’s clear that out-performers are distancing their enterprises from the competition based on their organizational capacity to take advantage of change.”

I think this is fantastic for news organizations, who should obviously be in a particularly good position to capitalize on the needs of information omnivores. But we have to close the deal — the study indicates that these CEOs plan to make significant investments in order to better meet these consumer’s needs, even as we continue to make cuts. These investments will be “oriented towards greater transparency.” Hello! Transparency is one of our core values, so it will be key not to let others start doing a better job than we are executing that.

The global CEOs also say they are also preparing to serve the rise in socially-minded consumers. Here is another opportunity for journalists — we may think it should be obvious that most people wouldn’t know about many environmental problems, social injustices, and the like without the investigative efforts of journalists. But have we done a good enough job marketing (yes, marketing) that role to the public? I don’t think so.

This study was conducted primarily by IBM. I’m not sure what iron they had in the fire that might influence the study, but it’s methodology at a glance appears to be pretty amazing…this is based off of face-to-face interviews with 1300 public and private CEOs in 40 countries and a variety of different industries. 1300 interviews is absolutely incredible.


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