Back. Back Again.

Sorry for the brief blog hiatus! Er. Well, that’s assuming that anybody actually misses my pontifications, which is probably unlikely. Anyway. The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. Last week I headed down to Memphis, where I will be an assistant professor of journalism starting this fall, to find a place to live; ending up finding a great house to rent just a couple of miles from the University of Memphis with a nice fenced yard for my chocolate lab, Sam. I was pretty surprised to see my name is already up on the wall, and I have an office, helping me to realize that wow, this is for real.  Here I am in the new digs:

And then, I got engaged! Pretty exciting. My fiance is also a journalist. He specializes in computer assisted reporting and knows a good bit about GIS mapping and creating searchable online databases.  Here we are in St. Croix this January (cheapest tropical adventure ever as one of my best friends lives there!):

Finally, I moved. We are temporarily living in my hometown of Milwaukee, where he has a summer gig working at the Journal Sentinel, and we will head to Memphis in August. Hopefully I can convince him to do some guest blog posts soon, as he knows a good bit about those Internets.

So, there’s some personal stuff, which feels narcissistic and goes against my Midwestern sensibilities. However, it seems to me that the most successful blogs are those that manage to combine some expertise on a subject with some personal insight, so I’m giving it a whirl.

More on journalism soon.


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