Tweeting From Campus

My students at have a neat opportunity to connect with other journalism students around the country through Twitter, yet another example of how social media is having an impact on education and news. Thought I would do a quick post to invite other journalism professors and students to join us in the experimenting.

Beginning last Thursday and continuing through tomorrow, students at Arizona State, the University of Memphis,  the University of Oregon, and Hofstra University were given what at least their professors think is a fun assignment (as far as assignments go ;)): To Tweet tidbits and photos about campus life, helping each other get to know a little bit about what it’s like to attend these schools. The goal is to get some practice using Twitter, knowing what’s news and worthy of noting about campus, and connecting with others. Students use the common hashtag #jweb; you can check it out via Twitter search or here. Each class also has their own hashtag (Leslie-Jean Thornton’s Arizona State students are #305t, Suzi Steffen’s Oregon students are #J361,  Mo Krochmal‘s Hofstra students are at #JRNL8011, and my students are at #J3120).

This is just a warmup; we hope to find ways to expand the connections in the future. If you are a journalism professor, feel free to use the hashtag as well.



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6 responses to “Tweeting From Campus

  1. Sounds like a great class! Many j-students hear that Twitter is important and are told to sign up but are not given substantive tasks to do and never really catch the Twitter spirit; so your assignment sounds good!
    I’m with UPI, and am running, which is a site specifically for journalism students. Do you think your students might be interested? They can publish to the site and also grab a UPI byline.

  2. grovesprof

    What a cool idea. I’m sorry that I caught your post so late. I’ll try to get my class twittering…

  3. Harumi,

    Wow, that’s very cool. I will indeed let my students know about it.

    Groves, yeah, holler at me if you have a hashtag going at Drury. 🙂

  4. Joe

    This is an awesome idea. As a journalist student, I wish my professors would do something like this.

  5. Thanks for the article, Harumi, that’s interesting. I’ve been experimenting with having my students live-Tweet and use Twitter in other ways in their reporting, too.

    And thanks, Joe. Feel free to join us in conversation with the hashtag #jweb

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