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Marketers need journalism skills to drive engagement

On Tuesday, December 3 at 3pm Central, MA student Janine Tano will present her final project: Is Publishing the 5th “P” of Marketing? Why Marketers Need Journalism Skills to Drive Engagement. All are welcome to hear her presentation using Adobe Connect software – you can sign in as a guest, just be sure to mute your mic so we don’t get feedback.

ImageJanine conducted a content analysis of  Facebook posts by three international retailers: Sears, JC Penney, and Macy’s. She examined the relationship between types of posts and the level of user engagement with the content, such as “likes,” shares, and comments.

Her work is instructive for any marketing professional hoping to maximize ROI on social media and capture the elusive but increasingly important metric of engagement, and persuasively makes an argument that the kinds of journalism storytelling and reporting skills taught in journalism schools are now applicable to many areas beyond traditional news.

When she is not working hard as a journalism graduate student at the University of Memphis, Janine is a marketing manager at Walt Disney World, and she brings her professional experience to her research work in productive ways.

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