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Open Access Academic Journals in Journalism and Mass Communication

A few weeks ago, danah boyd posted an excellent rant urging professors to fight the knowledge cartels otherwise known as the high-profit-margin industry of academic publishing by taking our work to open-access journals, thus breaking “the corporate stranglehold over scholarly knowledge in order to make your knowledge broadly accessible.”

I already commented on her post with my agreement and thoughts, but it occurred to me that I didn’t really know much about open-access journals in my field. Quite possibly I’m an idiot for not already knowing this, but part of the problem is that I’m not a publishing machine like some in my cohort. But I polled some smarter folks than I and I’m posting a list here. If you know more, holler in the comments.

Open Access Journals in Journalism and Mass Communication

International Journal of Communication

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

First Monday

M/C Journal

Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication

JOMEC (Journalism, Media, Cultural Studies)

Web Journal of Mass Communication Research

Thanks to Amy Schmitz-Weiss, Josh Braun, Sue Robinson, Matt Carlson, Nikki Usher, Hans Meyer and Chris Anderson for their input on this list.


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