Entrepreneurial Journalism and Media Management , (2012- present)

Introducing students to the skills and knowledge they need to not only potentially start their own media-related businesses, but also to bring entrepreneurial, innovative thinking into legacy organizations. Over the course of the semester, students work in groups to develop business plans and investor pitches. Participated in a substantial revamping of this course, which used to focus only on media management


J7200 Social Media Theory and Practice,  (2011-present)

  • Developed this new graduate course exploring the latest research and theory on social media.  Students practice applying their knowledge in the use of blogs, Twitter, Foursquare, and a host of other services and tools. 

Social Media Practices, (2011-present)

  • Developed this new undergraduate course introducing students to the basics of using social media in strategic ways as reporters, public relations or advertising professionals.  Helps them develop an understanding of the many changes rocking the media landscape and build the skills they will need in today’s media careers.

Mass Communication Theory, University of Memphis, (2008-present)

  • Graduate seminar course introduces students to important theories in journalism and mass communication.  Students conduct a literature review and read many classic and contemporary articles in the field.



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